Top 4 Ways To Explore Trinidad & Tobago

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If you ever want to explore the Caribbean flavor, then your must-take trip is Trinidad and Tobago. You might know Trinidad for its annual Carnival or as the birthplace of soca (“soul of Calypso”) music. Many famous celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Hazel Scott, and Geoffrey Holder are Trinidadian. If you’d like a trip full of  fun, excitement and culture, look no further! This is the place to be. Here are top four places to explore and things to do while visiting the Island of Trinidad & Tobago!

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  1. Explore Downtown Port-of-Spain

Port-of-Spain is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. Downtown Port-of-Spain is the mecca of hustle and bustle, selling foods, fruits and the latest technology at various stands on the side of the street. You’ll also see you a lot of taxis and “maxis,” yellow vans similar to small minibuses. The locals hang out during their lunch breaks as merchants walk around selling their goods.

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  1. Battlefield of Fort George

Fort George is a historic landmark in Trinidad. The fort, which was part of a complex of fortifications, is the best destination for one of the most spectacular views of Port of Spain and the sea. In 1804, under the direction of then-British Governor Brigadier-General Sir Thomas Hislop, the fortifications at Fort George consisted of sea defenses and a series of supporting batteries: the York; Princess Charlotte; Abercromby and Cambridge; and Cumberland. Fort George is a very popular tourist attraction due the rich Caribbean history.


3. Enjoying the beach at Maracas Bay.

One of the most popular beach destinations for tourists is Maracas Bay in the northern part of Trinidad. This is the perfect getaway when you want to take a break from reality. While you’re there, we recommend trying out the local fast-food dish Bake and Shark, a fried flatbread filled with — you guessed it — shark.

Maracas Beach Credit by: @msvictoriaa88

4.  Take a day trip to the island of Tobago.

Take a five-hour boat ride to the small island of Tobago of Trinidad. Tobago is a well known vacation hotspot. Most residents own beach houses and townhouses. The beaches are amazing, and the water is so clear that you can see your feet in the sands. I recommend that you add Tobago to your bucket list!





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