Tie a Bow

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We all love to show our style and diversity through wardrobe – adding bows are the perfect way to do that! You can put them on almost anything, your shoes or clothing or hair and nails!

Shoes with bows are commonly paired with a simple outfit such as jeans with a plain shirt. The bow will serve as your accessory.


Adding a ribbon can completely revive your look. Take the ribbon and tie it around the crown of your head to create a headband or finish your ponytail off with a bow. This look is both feminine and sophisticated, making it perfect for work or running errands.


If you don’t have a ribbon on hand and want to try the bow trend, you can get creative and use your hair! Here is a step by step photo teaching you how to accomplish this impressive hair style. This screams Holiday Season.


If you love getting your nails done, try adding a small bow for an added effect. This is the perfect touch to an already amazing manicure. Opt for the 3D effect and have that bow be noticeable to every person you interact with!

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