Summer of Glow

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Photography @anselemephotography, MUA @Jeremyanayabeauty, Creative director @thevanityluxe, model @ms.tiharalatae

This summer- the Glow is in full affect ! No matter what style you’re trying to achieve with your makeup, highlighter is now a necessity. There is no shortage of highlighters on the market, but if you’re looking for a smooth formula and intense color payoff look no further than The Nufce by S.O.L.O Highlighter Kit.

S.O.L.O created The Nufce Highlight Kit to fill a void in the cosmetic industry. This palette is full of universally flattering shades. The Nufce Highlight kit comes with six stunning colors, all varying in undertone. This means that the lightest and the deepest of skin tones will find their perfect cheek highlight. Along with using the palette on the highpoints of your face, you can also use the shades as eyeshadows! Not only is the palette versatile, it is travel friendly.


The first color in the palette is “Chillin’ Out”. “Chillin’ Out” is an iridescent pearl that is a fantastic choice for anyone with fair skin. It is light enough to blend in with extremely fair skin and leave a beautiful highlight. This shade is also great as a highlight below the brow bone or on the inner corner of the eye. Adding “Chillin’ Out” to the brow bone or inner corner will complete any eye look! The second color in The Nufce palette, “Mclitty,” is a great choice for anyone with light or fair skin looking for more of a champagne highlight. “Mclitty” will give a more natural looking finish, making it perfect for a daytime makeup look.

Photography @anselemephotography, Mua @Jeremyanayabeauty, Creative director @thevanityluxe, model @, _sylvia_xo

The color “Cha girl” is a very unique highlight color. It is a beautiful raspberry with a cool undertone. This highlighter is different from any other shade in the palette and looks great on deep skin tones since the purple tinge is bright on the skin.  “Cha girl” is also an amazing shimmery color that can be used as an eyeshadow.

The bottom row of colors in the palette are all warm tones. These colors vary in darkness, but they all give off the bronze glow that is extremely popular in the summer. From left to right the shades are “Solo Bang”, “Poppin’ it”, and “Steal her man”. “Solo Bang” is more of a bronze while “Steal her man” offers a bit more red. Pairing these two shades together will create a sultry eyeshadow look that will be trending all summer long. “Poppin it” is a universally flattering shade since it is a pure gold. This shade is a staple for your makeup bag that can be used on the face or on the eyes.

If you’re looking for your glow to stand out this summer, you need to check out the S.O.L.O Nufce Highlighter Kit. This palette features six incredible shades that work not only as highlighters, but also as eyeshadows.  This highlighter kit is compact and perfect for you to throw in your bag this summer so you’ll never go without your glow.


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