Sparkling Wine And Sorbet, Is This A Dream? Try This Hot New Summer Drink!

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Sorbet mimosas are the must-have summer drinks.  A super easy recipe that will spice up your typical cocktail.  This summer is about light, fruity, sparkling beverages. This delightful recipe is perfect for any occasion. Just think about it, ice cream and sparkling wine?  It’s like an adult ice cream cone! So relax, hang out and try this cocktail: Rosé Raspberry Sorbet Mimosas.  Try adding some mint for that extra flavor. This drink is so easy to make.  After you try it, you may never leave the sorbet behind! All you need to do is the following:


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Time- 2 Minutes

Preparation- 2 Minuets


1 Bottle Rosé or Sparkling Wine 

1 pint of Raspberry Sorbet 

Fresh Mint (optional)

Pour some rosè or wine in a glass, scoop a small amount of sorbet 

Sprinkle mint and if you want to get creative infuse the mint into the wine prior to adding the sorbet.

Another fun idea – take rosè and sorbet and mix them in a large bowl.  Next drop them into a popsicle mold and now you have Rosè Sorbet Popsicles!


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