Morgan Hoffman: The Muse of GIRLBOY

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Photo: @alancresto, styled @richardtives

At the age of 23, Morgan Hoffman designed her first women’s ready-to-wear line named GIRLBOY New York.

The GIRLBOY collection combines feminine and masculine esthetics to create clothing similar to Hoffman’s personal style. She wanted to create a clothing line that connected to herself. Hoffman grew up with a quirky style and always felt as if she did not fit in among the other girls her age.  “I never felt like I had a voice,” she said. It wasn’t until moving to New York, almost three years ago, when she felt she found a place she could fit in.

Hoffman originally thought she would pursue a career in modeling or styling but later was motivated to create her own fashion brand after meeting with artist Donald Robertson, recent leader of creative development for Estee Lauder.

“He saw something in me,” Hoffman said.  During the creation of GIRLBOY, Hoffman’s aunt, who had her very own clothing line in 1989, acted as her business partner and right-hand man.  Her aunt provided business knowledge and creative influence throughout the process. Hoffman explained she did not have a technical background, so to have an aunt whom she could trust through this process helped her significantly.

Hoffman said, “I am a GIRLBOY.” Through GIRLBOY, she wants women to know there is not just one kind of cookie-cutter pretty.   She believes every woman decides what to wear in order to feel sexy and confident in their own skin.   

“I always felt like women can be their own muse,” she said. Hoffman is the muse of GIRLBOY, resembling the style of Katherine Hepburn.  The collection is also inspired by 70’s style icons Bowie, Jagger, Jackie, Keaton and Hall, while representing strength and femininity, and a bit of rock and roll glamour.

Photo: @alancresto, styled @richardtives

Hoffman explains GIRLBOY as “personal style of feminine with a twist of boy.” GIRLBOY has a collection of more feminine pieces, such as the Ziggy Top or Edie Dress, and then a selection of suiting such as the Katherine or Diane Jacket.  

GIRLBOY is truly a brand that comes from a personal standpoint. “I wanted to use my own voice and build my own brand, she said.  “It has to be authentic if it is your own brand.”

The GIRLBOY collection can be viewed at girlboy.com.  The clothes are currently in a showroom and not in stores yet.  Hoffman said the upcoming months will be spent working alongside buyers to bring GIRLBOY to selected retailers.  The collection is a designer price point so will only be offered at high-end stores such as Barney’s. For the future, Hoffman hopes to establish her brand in not only the United States but also in London.  She feels the brand would fit in very well in a European setting. Hoffman said, “I believe girls can do anything boys can – it’s 2017.”

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