How to Survive a Night Out in That New Pair of Shoes

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We have all experienced the same dilemma: we purchased the most beautiful pair of heels that would be perfect for your night out, but you refrain from wearing them because you are afraid of getting a blister. You do this night after night until you realize that those new heels are now a year old and haven’t left your closet.

There is a way that you could wear those new pair of shoes the same day without fear of getting a blister.


PreHeels is a new, innovative heel protector that creates an invisible barrier between your shoe and your skin, eliminating the effects of the friction that form blisters. In addition to its clear spray on feature that matches all skin tones, PreHeels conforms to the shape of your foot, making it comfortable and long-lasting. In fact, it will give you 6+ hours of protection from painful cuts, blisters, and irritation that commonly appear when your shoes rub on those hotspots.

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Does it sound too good to be true? I applied PreHeels before a night out in my new pair of shoes to find out if it lived up to the hype.

The directions mention that you need to spray two thin layers about 3-4 inches away from the hotspot. These are the areas that you would usually get blisters or irritation. For me, this is my heel and my toes. It is important that you do not spray your entire foot, or the product will not be effective. I sprayed my first layer, waited 90 seconds, then applied the second.

Photo: PreHeels

The invisible layer was almost undetectable – so much, in fact, that I was uncertain on whether or not I put enough on. I slipped on my brand new heels and hoped for the best. I felt confident that PreHeels wouldn’t let me down and I am more than excited to say that it went beyond my expectations. Although I could still feel the back of my shoe rubbing on my skin, it did not cause any irritation. I actually forgot that I was wearing uncomfortable shoes because there were no signs of chaffing, cuts, or blisters. I spent about four hours in the heels without any pain and I could have gone even longer!

Photo: PreHeels

The best part about PreHeels is it works with any shoe type. Blisters don’t only form with heels. Whether you are wearing sandals, flats, pumps, or tennis shoes, PreHeels will be your new holy grail- I know it is mine!

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