How to Rock Bespoke Clothes

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Have you ever looked at something and thought to yourself “that totally has my name written all over it?” Personalized clothing is on the rise as people search for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. The trend first started with celebrities as they announced their self-awareness through their clothes. Kylie Jenner began wearing shirts emblazoned with her face; Naomi Campbell poked fun of herself with a shirt that said “Naomi hit me… and I loved it.” Gigi Hadid further popularized the trend, sporting a cute “hadidas” jacket that made headlines.

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Gigi took over her on-and-off beau Zayn Malik’s name, taking her love to the next level with a pair of jeans with his name embroidered on the butt.

If you want to jump on the trend but feel narcissistic wearing your name on your sleeve, try a simple monogram. Madewell offers free monogramming as part of their Madewell Insider Program. When you want to go by a first-name basis and join the ranks of Madonna and Beyoncé, go for a necklace, earrings, or ring emblazoned with your name. Check out celebrity-loved brand The M Jewelers, which allows you to personalize your jewelry with a word or name of your choice.

With simple embroidery or iron-on patches, you can add whatever you desire to your clothing.

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