Halloween Nails

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Halloween is the best time of the year where you can get creative with your costume, hair and nails!  This Halloween, try some of these fun, easy to do nail designs!

Candy Corn Nails:  This involves one streak of orange, yellow and white paint. That’s it! Be careful though, the kiddos could suddenly be ready for snack time.

Photo:  MadManis

Nothing says Halloween like Jack-O-Lanterns. These scary, bright orange faces on top of a black matte nail polish are a sure way to grab attention!

Photo:  MadManis

Looking for a nail design that will definitely make an impression?  Try the vampire look!  This amazing yet simple design is easy to accomplish.  Have your index and pinky finger pointed at the salon.  Paint your nails white and dip the two pointed nails in red polish and you are ready to go!

Photo:  MadManis

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