Flawless Skin at the Gym

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We have all heard or know from experience that makeup and the gym do not mix. Not only will your sweat cause the products to drip and smear, but you are more prone to have pore blockage and to get dirt trapped beneath the surface. Still, we take the risk because we would rather feel confident with flawless looking skin than to be vulnerable in our bare complexion.

What if I told you that there were products that made your skin appear so bright and hydrated, that you wouldn’t feel the need to add foundation or coverup? Or a serum that darkened and lengthened your lashes without the use of mascara?

We reached out to fitness professional, Lindsey Corak, to ask her how she keeps her skin healthy and clear while enduring long days at the gym.

Photo: Redaska studio, wardrobe by Janaby Clothing, and Lindsey Corak personal trainer & nutrition coach

Lindsey, the Group Training Coordinator at Life Time Fitness Metrowest, tells us that ever since she started using Rodan + Fields products, she hasn’t even thought about wearing makeup to work. “I’ve never felt so confident without makeup,” Lindsey shares. “Now that I use Rodan + Fields, my lashes are full and my skin is glowing.”

Rodan + Fields is the number one skin care brand in the nation and was founded by the same doctors who brought us Pro Activ. With a company that prides itself on making its customers feel confident in their own skin, we are sure that you won’t be disappointed in the results.

Photo: Redaska studio, “I look forward to my regimen every morning and night because it keeps my skin flawless” -Lindsey Corak. Wardrobe by Janaby Clothing

Independent consultant for Rodan + Fields, Ashley Winder, shares with us the best products to use for clearer, more healthier skin that will get you excited to be bare-faced at the gym!

Here are Ashley’s recommendations:

“Rodan + Fields has four main skincare regimens that address the four main skin concerns — wrinkles, sun damage, acne, and sensitive skin. These regimens are each four-step, multi-med therapy solutions to help wash, treat, and protect your skin. I use the Reverse Regimen for dull, uneven skin and I love it!”






Our Lash Boost is a nightly conditioning serum that moisturizes and conditions your lashes to appear longer, darker, and fuller! It also works on eyebrows too! Since I started using Lash Boost, I now feel confident going to the gym without mascara on which I never would have done before!”








“Our mineral peptides are a tinted powder with SPF 20 and helps protect against biological and environmental triggers that can cause inflammation, breakouts and aging. I love the peptides because they provide light coverage without clogging my pores. They are available in light, medium, and bronze. I use these in place of a foundation and I layer all three colors almost like a contouring effect.”




Our new Active Hydration Serum is incredible and hydrates your skin up to 200% after the first use which helps your skin look and act younger!”






“Our eye cream is the #1 eye cream in the U.S. and minimizes the appearance of crow’s feet, puffiness, and dark circles. This product is incredible and allowed me to retire my under-eye make-up that I used before!”




Photo: Redaska studio, wardrobe by Janaby Clothing, and Lindsey Corak personal trainer & nutrition coach

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A special thank you to:

Lindsey Corak- Life Time Fitness

Ashley Winder- Independent Consultant at Rodan + Fields

Redaska Studios- Photography

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