Delicious Vegan Bakeries That Every Bostonian Will Love

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At first, the idea of “vegan desserts” sounds counterintuitive, ​aren’t vegans supposed to be like super healthy?​ In reality, there are tons of almond, soy and coconut based vegan alternative’s to any of your guilty pleasures. It turns out that Boston is booming with bakeries serving all kinds of vegan treats, from salted caramel ice cream to Oreo cheesecake. Here are a few of the plant-based bakeries that will instantly make you question the need for dairy in your life.


FoMu Allston

Located next to a variety of vegetarian restaurants, FoMu is the perfect place to grab a quick dessert after dinner. Their delicious coconut-based ice cream attracts carnivores and                              

vegans alike. With flavors ranging from the classic cookies and cream to the more unconventional avocado, there is something to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Aside from ice cream, FoMu serves exquisite bakery items, which are all made from scratch, giving them that priceless homemade taste. Additionally, the cafe’s chic minimalist interior creates the perfect work atmosphere, along with their selection of coffees and teas for when you need that extra boost. This sleek and clean design will calm you while doing your work no matter how close your deadline is. To reward yourself for a job well done, get a magic bar on your way out. Layered with gooey dark chocolate chips, nuts and toasted coconut, the magic bar is packed with flavor that will make you come back for more.


VO2 Vegan Cafe


Immediately upon entering, one leaves the chaos of Mass Ave behind and enters a transformative serene environment. Combined with a yoga studio, O2 Yoga, VO2 is great for those looking for a rejuvenating meal after a tiresome session. Complete with a vast amount of selections, the menu offers everything from an energizing fruit smoothie to protein-packed paninis. However, the most important part of any meal is the desert, of course. Ranging from banana bread to creamy cupcakes, VO2 has a treat for every vegan. If you are still not convinced, check out VO2’s ​secret menu​ and discover even more enticing options.


Veggie Galaxy 


A classic diner with a galactic twist, Veggie Galaxy is the perfect place to take all of your vegan, vegetarian and meat-eaters friends alike. It’s welcoming and friendly nature makes for the perfect place to bring a casual, otherwise awkward, Tinder date. The menu is beyond extensive, loaded with everything from breakfast favorites to irresistible dinner-time mac and cheese. However, the restaurant’s real treasure is their extraordinary assortment of desserts. Puddings, pies, cakes, and sundaes, Veggie Galaxy has every dessert you can think of, all of which are entirely vegan. Consider going with a large group and have everyone order something different, so that you get a chance to try everything. With so many mouthwatering options, it is virtually impossible to choose just one. Whatever you do, do not leave without having a taste of the peanut butter chocolate layer cake. Trust me.




Recently making its Boston debut, the NYC-based By CHLOE is every health-conscious individual’s dream. With its fun, trendy and modern interior, By CHLOE is the perfect hang out spot for your squad.      Equipped with vegan house-made menu items ranging from Insta-worthy brunch to bean-based burgers, By CHLOE is perfect for anytime of the day. With the Seaport location being right next to a Soulcycle, you have a perfect excuse to dive into their sweets selection. From breakfast pastries to irresistible chocolate chip cookies, By CHLOE will become a daily destination. The variety of adorable cupcakes is impossible to choose from, so don’t. Buy a box of them to “bring to the office.” No one will know that you ate them by yourself, but then again, who could blame you?




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