College Influencers Changing The Beauty Scene

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Everyday more and more people look to social media influencers for inspiration with their beauty and lifestyle choices. Influencers often have major accounts on many different media platforms. Many companies reach out to these beauty bloggers due to their large following and self-made success online. As social media professionals continue to grow in popularity, here are female college influencers you should look out for!

Gretchen Geraghty is one of the most up-and-coming social media influencers. Geraghty got her start on YouTube in 2012 and has built her love for beauty into a successful business. Her core values and genuine belief in self-love make her beauty tips and tricks simple and creative. Her unique style is extremely versatile and will serve as an inspiration to all different style tastes.



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Tasha Farsaci’s YouTube channel focuses on beauty and lifestyle trends for young women living on the west coast. Her videos posts are edgier due to the products she promotes. Her unique style and beauty flair is what draws Farsaci out of the mainstream. She inspires and challenges her fans to make their everyday beauty routines fun and unique.


Brooke Miccio is a stylish beauty vlogger and social media influencer who also got her start on YouTube. Her followers love her for her honest background and love for all things beauty. Miccio is a junior at the University of Georgia in Athens.  Miccio loves adventure and it shows in her posts. She combines fun outdoors activities but also helpful makeup tips!


Keaton Milburn is one of the fastest growing beauty and lifestyle influencers. Her southern Texan roots and fun personality are what her followers love about her. Milburn attends college at Arizona State University and uses her YouTube and social media accounts to inspire her followers to try new things; think everything from beauty to music ideas! Her boho and festival looks are some of her most praised by fans.

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