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Clinton Sparks has dipped his toes in many waters, and now he’s finally found the perfect temperature. Having been a DJ, producer, songwriter, radio and television personality, and recording artist, he has now begun his newest project: “Get Familiar Radio.” The show will aim to bring a fresh wave of totally new exposure to music. “I’m going to push the envelope like I’ve always done…when everyone else is copying each other right now, I’m already thinking five steps ahead,” he said.

The new single “Hit My Line” featuring Joey Bandz is his comeback to hip-hop, and only fuels the fire he started with “Get Familiar Radio.” “It makes sense for me now instead of being a radio Dj, being a radio station owner, and changing the game on a bigger level,” he said while explaining his goals for the show. Sparks says he plans to bring some of what initially made him popular, and adding new things. “I’ve learned a lot over the years and have a much keener sense of business.

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His goals are clear: “I want to be the worlds greatest A&R…reaching out to new artists, introducing and getting the world familiar with what everybody needs to get familiar with.” Sparks is looking to use the radio as a platform, and “build a conglomerate of decency” in the music industry.

Sparks, having collaborated with some of the worlds biggest stars, as well as new up and coming artists, is always in the spotlight but never at the center—and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s been Grammy Nominated, won a BMI Songwriting Award, Multiple ASCAP Awards and done several hit collaborations—yet, he still manages to live discretely. “I’m popular enough that I have credibility, and make the calls I need to make,” he said, but he is still able to do groceries without being harassed. That being said, he loves when fans recognize him and show their support.

He has worked with Lady Gaga, The Game, Eminem, Beyonce among many others. He is a Boston-area native, who has been involved with music his whole life. Starting by mixing up songs as a kid, he worked in hip-hop as a DJ for a long time, collaborating and bringing new ideas to the table.

His newly released single “Hit My Line” featuring Joey Bandz, was the first single out in over a year. This was due to his involvement with a record deal that didn’t quite fit his mold. Now, he is going back to his hip-hop roots, owning his own radio show that will aim to change the way young people listen to new music.

He was signed in his previous record deal for close to two years, which he says, essentially put him off the radar. “Everyone was believing in me as being a singer, it wasn’t even anything I was striving to be growing up,” he said. There was a lack of PR, and Sparks said he wasn’t following his passion, which was hip-hop—and hip-hop was not a part of the deal.

Sparks shared that he learned a lot throughout his time in the record label, and made important connections, but wasn’t on the right path. He finally realized that his core fans were drifting away, and hip-hop was calling him back: “Then I decided I’m never singing again, I’m going back to my roots,” he said.

His passion is contagious, and his long-time dedication will drive him as he ventures on into exposing the world to the best new music. His motif behind bringing new talent and content to the forefront of music is simple: “I want kids to turn up, but then also be inspired and enlightened at the same time.”

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