Canned Wine: A Beach Must Have

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photo source and quote- UNDERWOOD ROSÉ

Here you are relaxing on the beach, music playing in the background while the ocean calmly reaches the shore. You’ve packed a delicious lunch and think to yourself, what could make this moment more enjoyable? You bring out that ginormous bottle of wine that is frustrating to carry in a cooler. You wish there was an easier alternative, something like a can of beer. News flash, there is! You want that swirl of wine, rosé, or even a light fruity spritzer? Something easy, quick, enjoyable and gives you that summer cool? Canned wines are becoming increasingly popular.  They are becoming a MUST have for events, parties and BBQ’s. Lighter than beer, the benefits are endless. So drop that wine cork, and pop open a can this summer. This is your little juice box, infused amazing flavors that will give you that perfect amount of alcohol, easily and accessible..


You’re on a trip with your girlfriends. You realize “what kind of wine should we get?” Roaming around the liquor store you think “what could be better than rosé in a can?” UNDERWOOD ROSÉ WINE will be your new favorite drink and I can guarantee that! This wine in a can gives you all the kick you need whether you are on the beach, at that summer concert or simply relaxing by the pool.  Why drag that ginormous bottle of of wine  when you could have a can?  These exotic delicious flavors will leave you mind blown by the deliciousness and sweet taste.  So grab your cans and let’s get this party started!

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