Boston Cafes Where You Can Actually Get Work Done

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The start of a new school year marks the beginning of many things. Pumpkin spice lattes, sweater weather, dorm room decorating, football games… the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, a new school year also means….school work. You will have to resume the ongoing battle of finding the motivation to actually start writing your first sentence of your 10-page paper. While there’s no cure to completely obliterate procrastination, there are some ways to help. Finding a good workspace is crucial, but unfortunately it’s not that simple. Bedrooms are distracting, libraries are boring and Starbucks are just way too crowded. So where can you get your work done efficiently? Well, here are a some of the cutest, wifi-containing, procrastination-proof (kind of) cafes around Boston.


Refuge Cafe


Located on the bustling corner of Harvard and Brighton Ave, Refuge Cafe’s low-key atmosphere transforms you into chill, ready-to-work mode. The modern minimalism and rustic charm gives visitors a sense of balance and cohesion that promotes productivity. The wooden paneled wall is layered with fairy lights, emulating that Pinterest, college dorm vibe. Embellished with the cutest decor, the walls are coated with vintage looking prints, along with a window sill lined with a variety of succulents. Additionally, the ceiling above the doorway is painted with an emulation of the Michaelangelo’s Creation of Adam, with Adam reaching for a cup of steaming hot cup of coffee. This cafe’s expansive seating will make sure you can always find a spot for you and your laptop. Perhaps my favorite part of this setting is how the front wall has two large open windows, allowing fresh air in and makes it seem like you’re sitting outside. This also provides some natural lighting and a nice, refreshing breeze. The menu is packed with a variety of options to choose from, including refreshing drinks like coffee and teas, filling bagels, sandwiches and wraps, and their unique selection of vegan chilli and sweet potato fries. There is something for everyone!


Cafe 1369


This independent cafe has the low-key classic coffee house feel. In addition to providing traditional bakery items, Cafe 1369 sets itself apart by offering unique foods!  Some selections include their teriyaki tofu salad, protein-packed sandwiches and delicious fluffy quiches. This cozy cafe has two locations in Cambridge — Central and Inman Square.  Their incredible creative sidewalk signs add an extra fun touch, welcoming you into the cafe. Because of this intimate atmosphere,one can truly focus on the task at hand. Also, if you’re a master procrastinator and need an extra caffeine boost at night, they are open until 10pm!



Cambridge, Boston and Brookline

Everything about Tatte is the definition of aesthetically pleasing. The cafe’s clean, minimalist atmosphere is created from the black and white color scheme. Not only is this the perfect backdrop for a classic brunch Insta, it’s also an organized and collected environment that will keep you focused on your work. For an extra motivational push, the black and white tiled floor has adorable inspirational messages that are sure to give you confidence when your deadline is pressing. If those messages aren’t enough, you can always get a delicious espresso for that extra kick of energy. Their menu is perfectly curated with sweet treats and savory sandwiches and salads, all of them prepared Instagram ready. With locations in places like the heart of Harvard Square, it is an ideal place to meet up and do work with friends.

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