Beauty Hacks: College Edition

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Everyone gets excited for college. For most, it’s the first time they are moving away from home and living on their own. However, living in a dorm can have a lot of drawback, from sharing bathrooms to small rooms. For us beauty lovers, this may be alarming. Where are all of our bags of makeup, hair spray, and nail polish going to go? Below are some beauty hacks that can save you space and store all your beauty products.






For the person who is accustomed to their own beauty closet you can make use of a clear shoe organizer from target ( It stores a lot or products and easily can be hung up on the wall or behind a door.







For storing lipstick or nail polish- thread organizers like this one from Creative Options ( can easily store it all. It also fits under the bed and the clear design allows you to see all your colors.









If you don’t have a lot of products a clear makeup organizer is your best bet. It will hold all your foundations, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and anything else you may have. Get this one from Twing on For storing skincare products or other makeup these stackable acrylic drawers can be stored in desk drawers or on top of desks. They are stackable so they can hold all of your items and take less desk space.





These magnetic organizers from Magnaods ( will allow you to use up any space you have. They are perfect to store bobby pins, cottonswabs, nail clippers as well as lipsticks and eyeliners.

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