4 Funky Ice Cream Shops To Try in Boston This Summer

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Photo: Emma Olsen

Ice cream: the universal treat of the summer. With so many options around every corner, it’s important to know some of the best spots around the city to curb your cravings. These are some of the best spots around Boston.

  1. Juicy Spot Cafe

You’ve probably seen the rolled ice cream trend all over social media, and Juicy Spot Cafe is the place where you can get it! The original location is in New York City, but their second location just opened in Boston. Located in Chinatown, this modest cafe serves Thai rolled ice cream in a variety of flavors and crazy toppings. You can get a Ferrero Rocher flavored sundae, or one with piles of fruit. There is something for everyone’s tastes buds.



  1. Frozen Hoagies

If you typically have a hard time deciding between a frozen treat and a warm treat, Frozen Hoagies in Somerville is the way to go. A dessert shop specializing in ice cream sandwiches, Frozen Hoagies has almost every cookie and ice cream combination that you can think of. Located near Tufts University, Frozen Hoagies is a brightly painted cafe with friendly staff and ample seating.  They make your ice cream sandwich right in front of you! The chocolate chip cookie with PB chip ice cream is the perfect balance of crunchy and creamy. Bonus points: Frozen Hoagies also has a food truck that roams around Boston!

Photo: Emma Olsen


Photo: Emma Olsen

  1. Honeycomb Creamery

Honeycomb Creamery falls into the more upscale category on the list. Located in Cambridge, the ice cream is made with local, in season ingredients. The flavors at Honeycomb aren’t your typical flavors either. Some of the flavors include Burnt Vanilla Bean, Honey Lavender, and Ginger Rhubarb Crisp. In addition to these crazy flavors, the creamery also serves ice cream sandwiches, coffee, and house made pastries. Honeycomb is certainly not to be missed for people with more adventurous tastebuds.



  1. Next Door Cafe

Located in Allston, Next Door Cafe is another spot serving up Thai rolled ice cream and other delicious snacks. Similar to Juicy Spot, the rolled ice cream comes in a large range of flavors with crazy exciting toppings. However, Next Door Cafe also serves up some other trendy treats, like bubble tea, which is served in lightbulb glasses!  That is something incredibly unique and innovative. In addition to all of their sweet options, the cafe also serves some salty specials like waffles fries.

Photo: Emma Olsen

If you’re looking to beat the heat this summer, you can’t go wrong by visiting any of these places located around Boston. Get some ice cream while the summer lasts, you’re tastebuds will be very happy!

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